Feather Legged Black Marans Chickens

Feather Legged Black Marans Chickens
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Day Old French Black Marans Baby Chicks     

Hatching February to July

Over the past 20-30 years, Marans Chickens have become a true phenomenon in the poultry world. The chocolate brown eggs are the main draw of this breed. But the birds themselves are great well-rounded chickens for any flock whether in a small backyard setting, a robust homestead, or a large production farm. 

French Black Marans Chickens are similar in body style to other Marans Chickens, so they are of medium build. But these French Black Marans Chickens have pure, rich black feathering. Feathers are soft and fluffy on hens and smoother and more laid-down on roosters. In their first year, young birds may have some white spotting, but they will turn all black when fully grown. 

French Black Marans Chickens have slate-black legs and bright red upright comb and wattles. Roosters may get feathering on their legs. French Black Marans Chickens are hardy and do well in all sorts of environments. 

Production: The Marans Chicken is the classic dark egg-laying breed of chicken. You can expect up to 200 eggs per year from these French Black Marans Hens. The dark, chocolate-colored eggs look fabulous mixed in a carton of eggs. They truly make the carton look heritage-style! Sometimes eggs are spotted. Egg color is darkest in late winter/early spring after the hens have rested from egg-laying. French Black Marans Chickens also make solid meat birds, their meat being considered by many to be one of the most flavorful of the heritage dual-purpose breeds.

Temperament: French Black Marans Chickens are friendly and sociable flock members. Even roosters tend to be less aggressive than other breeds. They are active foragers and cooperative, often being the first birds to get inside the coop at dusk. Hens can be broody and can raise their chicks. 

History: The Marans breed is of very old origin, dating back to the twelfth century. The first Marans chickens were bred by villagers living in the cold and damp coastal town of Marans, France. Marans Chickens are considered a landrace breed and came from tough forbearers, a combination of almost feral French swamp hens and seafaring English game cocks who escaped docked ships. This beginning is probably why the Marans breed is so hardy and robust. From there though, the breed was developed by first crossing with other ancient French breeds and then with Asian breeds. In the early twentieth century, the Marans breed gained notoriety, but numbers declined in the middle of the century. It wasn't until more breeding and development was done with a better production in mind that the breed came back into favor. Poultry fanciers in the U.S. fell in love with the super-dark eggs in the latter part of the twentieth and early twenty-first century. The Wheaten and Black Copper color varieties were admitted into the APA Standard of Perfection in the Continental Class in 2011.

APA Class: Black Marans Chickens are newer imports into the U.S. and have not yet been recognized by APA.

Conservation Status: Not Applicable

Weight: Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 6 lbs

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Feather Legged Black Marans Chickens

Feather Legged Black Marans Chickens

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