Started Easter Egger Pullets

Started Easter Egger Pullets
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Started Easter Egger Chickens


Easter Eggers are a fabulous way to introduce variety into your flock. They are not a true breed of chicken. They are a mixed breed, bred with egg color variation as the priority. Looking to add a lot of great colors to your flock as well as a rainbow of colors to your egg cartons, Easter Eggers are perfect! These birds do well in all parts of the country, and with their mixed genetic backgrounds, tend to be strong and healthy.

Production: Easter Eggers are very good layers of 3-4 eggs per week or about 200 colored, large-sized eggs per year. Egg colors range from light blues and greens to olives, creams, and pinks. Although there are all sorts of myths about how to predict egg color, there is no way to tell what the egg color will be until the hen lays her first egg.

Temperament: Because there is so much genetic diversity in Easter Eggers, you get a lot of individualized personalities. However, in general, Easter Eggers tend to be intelligent, savvy, and friendly. They are mellow and amiable with other chickens and would be great matches for small backyard flock or farms.

History: The blue and green egg colorations are the result of genes from Ameraucana and Araucana chickens that are present in the genetic background of these Easter Eggers. Many birds that should be referred to as Easter Eggers are incorrectly labeled as Ameraucana and Araucana. The parent stock of the Ameraucana and Araucana breeds are originally from Western South America and it challenging to find pure Ameraucanas or Araucanas. These Easter Eggers will produce multi-colored eggs but enjoy the vitality of a genetically diverse flock.

Colors: A wide variety of colors ranging from white to cream to browns to black. Easter Eggers also come in a wide variety of patterns. Muffs and beards are often in contrasting colors and make these birds very striking. Chicks are also a variety of colors. The legs are greenish or gray color, though leg color may vary.

Conservation Status: Not applicable, Hybrid

Body Type: Easter Eggers are medium-sized chickens, and usually have muffs and a pea-style comb. Some may have beards as well, adding to their inquisitive look and bearing.

Weight: Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs

APA Class: Not applicable as Easter Eggers are not a pure breed.

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Started Easter Egger Pullets

Started Easter Egger Pullets

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