Premium Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

Premium Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens
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Day Old Premium Barred Plymouth Rock Baby Chicks


  • Dual purpose
  • 200-280 Eggs Annually
  • Smart, Friendly, easy to manage
  • Cockerel 8 lbs, Pullet 6 lbs
  • APA American 
  • Conservation status Recovering

Plymouth Barred Rocks are dual-purpose chickens. They are meant for a small farm that has a backyard coop. These birds lay eggs year-round. Not only that, but their plumpness is great for a roasted chicken. Barred Plymouth Rocks have a single comb and are heat and cold hardy. 

Purely Poultry's Premium Barred Rocks are from a small hatchery with attention to quality and are more likely to be of show quality, although we offer no guarantees on this. Premium Barred Plymouth Rock birds are still going to be as sweet, friendly, and cold-hardy as their production counter-parts, they just might get you a blue ribbon a little easier.

Since they are cold-hardy birds, they will continue to lay eggs in the winter months. This breed is adaptable to confinement and free-range. Even though they handle confinement well, they prefer to roam free in the yard.

This all-American breed got its start in Worcester, Massachusetts. They were created in the 1860s by D.A. Upham. He developed the breed by crossing Black Java pullets with a single-comb barred rooster. Shortly after, Plymouth Rocks became one of the most common birds in America. Their popularity quickly spread throughout the United States. The birds even replaced the Dominique as the most common backyard chicken.




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Premium Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

Premium Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

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