Exchequer Leghorn Chickens

Exchequer Leghorn Chickens
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Exchequer Leghorn Baby Chicks

  • Egg Layer
  • 300+ eggs annually 
  • bred fpr production , aloof
  • Cockerel 5 lbs, Pullet 4 lbs
  • APA class Mediterranean

Exchequer Leghorn Chickens are good producers and would make a nice addition to the backyard flock as long as they are not kept too close to neighbors and you don't mind the noise. These are talkative birds. Their distinctive black and white plumage enhances the already handsome appearance of a leghorn.

Like other leghorns, the Exchequer is quite slim with long tail feathers and a large comb. The legs are yellow and are not feathered. Body feathers are soft and evenly checkered black and white all over. The underlying color is white, which is an easy way to distinguish these birds from the Ancona.

Exchequer leghorns are not particularly aggressive, but they do become quite noisy. If trees are available, they will roost there. They can be allowed to roam around the yard but will tolerate a run without a great deal of fuss. This is a very alert and active type of chicken.

Exchequer Leghorns developed spontaneously in the leghorn flock of Scottish breeder Robert Miller in 1904. He took a fancy to the unusual markings and developed the breed, which quickly became popular as a utility chicken. The birds are both hardy and prolific and continue laying eggs for many years.

In 1907 the Exchequer was introduced to the Fancy. Careful selective breeding has established the variety as a well-developed member of the leghorn group.


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Exchequer Leghorn Chickens

Exchequer Leghorn Chickens

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