Wheaten Marans Chickens

Wheaten Marans Chickens
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Day Old Wheaten Marans Baby Chicks

Hatching February through August

Marans Chickens are fabulous dual-purpose birds and great examples of heritage breeds. We offer a variety of color patterns of this great old French breed, which is probably best known for its very dark brown eggs.

Wheaten Marans Chickens are particularly striking. The roosters are brilliantly colored - they are classic roosters with the single tall red comb and coloring that resemble so many kitchen and farm decorations. Hens are less striking, with subtle yet complex patterning. Many Wheaten Marans Chickens have feathering up the outside of their legs. Beyond being beautiful additions to the farm flock, Wheaten Marans Chickens will also add gorgeous dark eggs to your egg cartons.

Production: One can usually expect to get about 180 or more eggs per year from a Wheaten Marans hen. Eggs will start dark brown. As the season progresses, the color will fade or lighten off. Roosters are solid meat birds, with tasty and dark-colored flesh and white skin. Wheaten Marans Chickens do well on pasture and foraging. They can also become broody. 

Temperament: Wheaten Marans Chickens are active and friendly birds. The roosters are known as having calm and dependable dispositions, usually getting along with one other. Be aware though that other breeds of roosters may instigate aggressive behavior if mixed. In general Wheaten Marans Chickens are confident birds and make nice pet chickens as well.

History: Marans Chickens are an old French breed that originated in the cold and damp coastal town of Marans, France. They were the result of breedings - haphazard at first - between wild swamp hens and English game birds that escaped from docked ships. These diverse breedings led to the exciting variety of colors that the Marans breed shows today. The breed has fluctuated in popularity over the years but recently has been a favorite of people searching for layers of dark brown eggs to spice up their egg cartons. In 2011, Wheaten Marans Chickens were officially recognized by the APA at the Crossroads Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

APA Class: Continental 

Color Description: Wheaten Marans Chickens are a classic light wheaten pattern. They have bright red single combs and amber-colored eyes. Legs and feet are pinkish-gray and can have feathering. Upper head, neck, and back feathers on males are quite standard, but the lower feather colors of the breast and rear can display a variety of shades from very light to very dark. Hens come in a variety of coppery red, gold, and cream hues. 

Conservation Status: Not listed, recently imported.

Weight: Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 5 lbs

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Wheaten Marans Chickens

Wheaten Marans Chickens

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