Golden Nugget Chickens

Golden Nugget Chickens
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Golden Nugget Chickens 
Day Old Golden Nugget Baby Chicks
Hatching weekly year-round.
Despite their name, Golden Nugget Chickens are not meat birds and wouldn't make very good chicken nuggets - they are named after gold nuggets due to their golden coloring and their great worth as egg layers!
Golden Nugget Chickens were bred for cold weather hardiness. Underneath the golden outer feathers, is a thick layer of down, similar to goose or duck down. This down acts as extra insulation against cold weather. Golden Nugget Chickens do fabulously well in the coldest climates. They have tall combs but are usually not affected by frostbite.
Golden Nuggets are nice big birds, with a chunky body type, similar to a Buff Orpington.
Production: Golden Nugget Chickens lay fewer eggs per year than ISA Browns and other high-production hybrids. They lay even in cold weather. Golden Nuggets are also great foragers and do well in all sorts of farm environments. Eggs are brown with strong shells. A hen can average 250 eggs per year.
Temperament: Like many of the chunky and fluffy chicken breeds, the Golden Nugget Chicken is also friendly and docile in temperament. They get along well with other breeds. They are also active around the farm or homestead, looking for foraging opportunities. Some individuals can be a bit standoffish around humans.
History: Golden Nugget Chickens were recently developed in the United States for dependable egg production throughout all climates. They are very new but are proving to be a great addition to the production lines of laying chickens in this country.
APA Class: Not recognized; hybrid.
Color Description: Golden Nugget Chickens are similar to Buff Orpingtons in color being a bright golden color, but many will get darker, bordering on red, feathers and may have black in the tail.
Conservation Status: Not applicable.
Weight: Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 4 lbs.

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Golden Nugget Chickens

Golden Nugget Chickens

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