White Wyandotte Chickens

White Wyandotte Chickens
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Day Old White Wyandotte Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

White Wyandottes grow quickly, tolerate the cold well, and make excellent table birds.

Production: Wyandottes are good dual-purpose birds, laying 200+ eggs per year. White Wyandottes also dress out beautifully because of their white pin feathers and yellow skin.

Temperament: All Wyandottes, including White Wyandottes, are mild-mannered, sweet chickens. If you spend time with them, they become quite friendly. They are rarely aggressive and are fine around children.

History: The exact origin of the breed is unknown, but after the American Civil War, ancestors of today's Wyandottes were found all over the North and Northeast portions of the United States. It was called many different names but was loved for its calm nature, egg-laying abilities, and quality as a meat bird. Wyandottes are especially appropriate for areas with cold winters because they tolerate cold well, and their rose combs are not likely to freeze.

Eventually, in 1883, the breed was accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection with one name: the Silver Laced Wyandotte. The name came from enthusiast Fred Houdlette, who suggested it to honor his father's boat, which was in turn named to honor the Native American Wyandot people. So, a uniquely American breed of chicken was named for a group of Native Americans.

The White Wyandotte was added to the Standard in 1888. Like many heritage breeds, Wyandottes suffered with the rise of industrial production and the decline in popularity of keeping backyard flocks. Today, White Wyandottes are increasingly the choice of small flock keepers, due to both their sweet nature and the fact they are such admirable dual-purpose animals.

Colors: The White Wyandotte is snow-white from the tip of each feather, right down to the fluff near the skin. There is no brassy-yellow look, nor any creaminess. The skin and legs are yellow, the rose comb and wattle are bright red.

Conservation Status: Recovering.

Body Type: Wyandottes are often described as "curvy." They are rounded, with short, curved backs, deep, rounded breasts, and strong, rounded thighs.

Standard Weights: Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs

APA Class: American

  • Model: WHWC

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White Wyandotte Chickens

White Wyandotte Chickens

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