Silver Laced Cochin Chickens

Silver Laced Cochin Chickens
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Day Old Silver Laced Cochin Baby Chicks

  • Egg layer
  • 110-160 Eggs Annually
  • Affectionate calm birds, make great pets 
  • Cockerel 9 lbs, Pullet 7 lbs
  • APA Asiatic
  • Conservancy Status: Watch

Cochins are known for being particularly mild-mannered chickens, and with the Silver Laced Cochins, you get mild-mannered and absolutely gorgeous in one, fluffy chicken package.

Originally called Shanghai Fowl, Cochins fired the passions of flock keepers all over the world when they were first brought west in the mid-1800s. They are striking-looking birds because they are large and fluffy. With the Silver Laced Cochin, you have a large, fluffy chicken with an intricate, black and white pattern.

Because of their heavy feathering, Cochins do well in the cold weather, as long as their feet are dry. With feathering on their legs, toes, and feet, they are well protected from cool temperatures.


  • Model: SILCC

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Silver Laced Cochin Chickens

Silver Laced Cochin Chickens

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