Olive Egger Chickens

Olive Egger Chickens
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Olive Egger Chicks

  • Egg Layer
  • 180-200 Shades of green eggs annually
  • Individual personalities with genetic diversity, friendly 
  • Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs
  • APA not recognized / hybrid
  • Conservation not applicable

Olive Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken, the result of mixing Legbars, Marans, and Ameraucanas. Although these are beautiful and interesting chickens, the main point of owning Olive Eggers is to get olive-colored eggs! The addition of these olive eggs in your egg cartons makes a striking difference and makes a fabulous and exciting assortment.  

These Olive Egger Chickens will all look a bit different from each other but will all lay eggs in shades of olive green. The inside of the shell will be a bright green and the outside will have a brown translucent coating over the green, making the olive color.  



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Olive Egger Chickens

Olive Egger Chickens

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