Egg Basket Bundle

Egg Basket Bundle
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Day Old Egg Basket Bundle - 25 pack

Hatching February to October

This is priced as a package of 25 of our favorite colorful egg layers!  Dominant Copper is known for its dark brown eggs and friendly disposition, ColorPack Layers bring the fun with blue, green, tan and even pink eggs, while the Blue Sapphire rounds out the perfect egg basket aesthetic with its creamy brown toned eggs.

This bundle with be a hatchery choice of 25 of a variety of the above breeds, all female.  We don't record specific breeds or varieties. We do guarantee a variety of these and 6 months from the hatch, you'll be the most popular egg-collector around with the prettiest eggs!  Available for a limited time so buy now!


  • Model: HATCS

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Egg Basket Bundle

Egg Basket Bundle

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