Blue Splash Marans Chickens

Blue Splash Marans Chickens
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Day Old Blue Splash Maran Baby Chicks

Chicks hatching from February to November.

Blue Splash Marans are one of the oldest color varieties of Marans. They are good dual-purpose birds, laying lots of big, dark brown eggs and growing to a good, heavy table weight.

Any blue variety ordered from Purely Poultry may include chicks with black, blue, or splash plumage patterns.

Production: You can expect an average of 150-200 eggs per year.

Temperament: All Marans roosters can be slightly aggressive, and the Blue Splash variety is no different, but for the most part these birds are gentle, quiet, and excellent foragers.

History: The blue color comes from the original crossing of English game roosters with the local, wild, “swamp hens” around the port town of Marans, France in the 12th and 13th centuries.

While Blue Splash Marans are beautiful, practical birds, the blue will not breed true. In other words, you cannot breed a Blue Splash to another Blue Splash and get all blue chicks.

Currently, no poultry association anywhere recognizes the Blue Splash Marans. There are, however, several groups working toward that goal, especially in France where the breed originated.

Colors: The blue color ranges from a pigeon egg blue to a dark navy blue, and Blue Splash Marans will also have dark feathers, and off-white feathers.

Body Type: Strong, fairly long bodies with wide-set, feathered legs

Standard Weights: Rooster 8 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: not recognized

  • Model: BSMC

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