Blue Ameraucana Chickens

Blue Ameraucana Chickens
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Blue Ameraucana Chickens

Chicks hatching March to September

Blue Ameraucanas are a beautiful rare chicken breed that lays blue eggs.

Production: The Ameraucana lays blue eggs of medium size. They have a long laying season and are cold-hardy.

Temperament: Blue Ameraucanas are docile and friendly.

History: Originated in the United States. Admitted to the APA in 1984.

Colors: As with any other "blue" breed, the blue trait does not breed true. You will receive blue, splash, and black colorings.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not applicable because they are a newer breed being developed in the 1970s.

Body Type: pea comb, small wattles, and earlobes, all red. The Ameraucana has a beard, muffs, and a tail.

Standard Weights: Rooster 6.5 lbs, Hen 5.5 lbs, Cockerel 5.5 lbs, Pullet 4.5 lbs

APA Class: All Other Standard Breeds Miscellaneous Sub Class

  • Model: BAMC

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