California White Chickens

California White Chickens
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California White Chickens

Hatching February to August.

The California White may be one of the most successful and productive hybrid egg-laying strains of chickens in history. They are the result of crossing a White Leghorn hen with a California Grey rooster. California Whites are attractive chickens with the lightweight and upright style typical of the Mediterranean breeds. They are mostly white with a single comb.

Very adaptable, California White chickens do well free-ranging and also do fine in confined conditions.

Production: California Whites lay a prolific number of large white eggs. 300 or more eggs per year can be expected. These are also remarkably hardy chickens, with a long lifespan, and they lay for a longer period than White Leghorns. They are fast growers as well and start laying at an early age. California Whites do well in cold climates and continue to lay well even in autumn when other breeds slow down.

Temperament: These active birds are energetic and ideal egg layers but can be a bit flighty and aloof with human interactions.

History: The California White chicken was developed in the United States for commercial egg production.

APA Class: Not recognized; hybrid.

Color Description: California Whites are mostly white but with random black flecks and streaks. The black spotting helps one identify individual birds, a nice feature to have in a breed raised in a backyard or pet flock.

Conservation Status: Not applicable.

Weight: Cockerel 6 lbs, Pullet 5 lbs.

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California White Chickens

California White Chickens

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