Red Ranger Broilers

Red Ranger Broilers
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Red Ranger Broilers are the alternative meat chicken to the Cornish Cross or White Broiler. They are very popular on organic farms, for free-ranging, for pasture-raising, and use in chicken-tractor programs. 

Red Ranger Broilers are big and heavy red-colored chickens. However, they do not grow as quickly as their white counterparts. Red Ranger Broilers grow at a slower rate, more naturally. Thus, they do not experience the problems and issues associated with the super-fast growing meat birds such as weak legs and hearts. They have a longer window for butchering than the faster-growing birds as well because their health doesn't decline rapidly. 

If you are looking for an optimum meat bird for a pasture or free-range situation, Red Ranger Broilers would be a great choice. They are also accepted by animal welfare groups and certifiers as humane choices.  

Production: Red Ranger Broilers have been designed and bred specifically for meat production. They are not good egg layers. They are excellent meat birds though with very efficient feed conversion, especially since they also do well on pasture. Males will be about 6-7 pounds by 11-13 weeks of age. Females will be about 1 pound smaller in the same amount of time. These Red Ranger Broilers have a natural, 'free-range' look to the finished carcass, with pinkish-yellow skin.  
Temperament: Compared to White Broilers and Cornish Cross, Red Ranger Broilers are very energetic. They do well foraging and out on the pasture. Their darker coloring camouflages them from predators, and they maintain some survival instincts. These are good pasture or chicken-tractor birds. 
History: Red Ranger Broilers are not as widespread in the meat industry as their white counterparts, but they are becoming more and more popular with natural, organic, and pastured markets. There has been a variety of breeding programs working at perfecting and developing Red Ranger Broilers.
APA Class: Not recognized.
Conservation Status: Not applicable.
Body Type: Red Ranger Broilers are very fast-growing large meat chickens. Unlike the White Broilers, which get a very wide front and stocky stance, Red Ranger Broilers tend to look more like Rhode Island Reds. Red Ranger Broilers have strong and thick yellow-colored legs and feet and are quite hardy and sturdy looking. They are a classic reddish-brown with black highlights on the tail. They have red combs and wattles.

Weight:11-13 week-old males will be about 6-7 lbs, 11-13 week-old females should weigh about 5-6 pounds.

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Red Ranger Broilers

Red Ranger Broilers

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