Frost White Legbar Chickens

Frost White Legbar Chickens
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Day Old Frost White Legbar Baby Chicks 

Looking for a RARE and highly sought-after breed?  How about porcelain blue eggs? 

Legbars are one of the rarest and most actively desired breeds of chickens right now. These Frost White Legbars are a rare color sport that is pure icy white. They look similar in style to a White Leghorn, with a spritely bearing. These are medium-weighted birds with active personalities. Frost White Legbars have yellow legs and yellow beaks, with bright red wattles and combs. Combs are tall and flop over a bit. Like the other color variations of Legbars, these Frost White Legbars will lay gorgeous blue-tinted eggs.

Frost White Legbars do well in all climates, thriving in cold and heat. They are gaining popularity in leaps and bounds for a reason – along with great productivity and highly attractive eggs; they are also friendly with social personalities. 

Frost White Legbars are extremely rare, and good quality pure-bred birds are even more difficult to find. The chicks we offer here are well-bred, solid examples of Frost White Legbars. 

Production: Frost White Legbars are good egg layers, laying around 160-180 eggs per year. Eggs are beautifully colored in blue shades and make quite an impression in a carton of eggs. Frost White Legbars could also be profitable to raise for breeding purposes as they are an up-and-coming breed. There is definitely a market for hatching eggs and chick sales. 

Temperament: Frost White Legbars are active and energetic birds, but are not overly flighty. But they do have a wildfowl temperament, doing best when they are foraging and exploring. Roosters are alert and vigilant. Frost White Legbars, in general, are smart and savvy. They are good at avoiding predators, efficient with pasture, and thrive in many different environments.

History: Legbars are very new chickens and are an example of how worthy chicken breeds can still be developed today. Frost White Legbars are a sport variety of the Cream Legbar. Legbar Chickens originated in Great Britain in the 1930s as a part of a genetics breeding program done by Reginald Crundall Punnett & Michael Pease of Cambridge. As a result of this program, two auto-sexing breeds were created, and the Cream Legbar was one of them. Legbars were created from crossing Araucana lines with Barred Rocks and Brown Leghorns. Legbars first appeared at the 1947 London Dairy Show. Cream Legbars were admitted into the British Poultry Club in 1958. Cream Legbars were just recently imported into the U.S. in 2010, and have yet to be admitted into the APA Standard of Perfection. 

Conservation Status: Not Applicable

Weight: Cockerel 5.5 lbs, Pullet 4.5 lbs.

APA Class: Not Recognized.

  • Model: FWLC

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Frost White Legbar Chickens

Frost White Legbar Chickens

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