Swedish Flower Hen Chickens

Swedish Flower Hen Chickens
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Swedish Flower Hens, knows as Blommehons, come in a bouquet of colors including black, red, yellow, and even blue.  The tips of their feathers are white, giving them their "flowered" appearance.

First introduced to the US under a decade ago, these beauties are known for their adaptability to any environment. They come by this trait by a breeding process knows as landrace, meaning the birds of this breed were not selected by breeders for their features, but rather, allowed to repopulate by natural selection.  This process developed a unique breed that will make a spectacular addition to any flock. 

Swedish Flower Hens lays around 180 light brown eggs per year and have a sweet disposition. 

The average mature weight is 6-7 lbs for a roo and 5 lbs for a hen.

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