ColorPack Layer

ColorPack Layer
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Hatching February through September

Can also be found as part of the Happy Homestead Special

If you're looking for pastel colors, these hybrid beauties are sure to fit the bill.  While their look harkens back to their Cream Legbar roots, in adult feather colors of browns and creams, they lay approximately 280 eggs per year in their heritage color of blue, with the bonus of green, light brown, and even pink-tinted eggs!

While still fuzzy chicks, the pullets will have a variety of looks including some that are brown with dark stripes, some that are red with yellow mottling, and yet others can vary from lighter brown to solid yellow. As they grow, they will become both heat and cold tolerant, allowing them to thrive in almost any climate that we have in the US. 

If you're looking to add some color to your carton of eggs, these are aptly named because that is the sole intention of these sweet and docile ladies ( and gents if you are looking at a roo or two to join your flock).

If you are looking for something different, which will lay at a competitive level, try our ColorPack Layer. 

** This bird is not related in any way to the Americana, or Araucana lines and should not be confused as an Easter Egger.  This bird originates from Cream Legbar lines.

The ColorPack Layer is color sexable. Available as pullets or cockerels.


Weight: female 4lbs, male 5 lbs

Matures at 20-22 weeks

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ColorPack Layer

ColorPack Layer

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