Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens

Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens
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Day Old Old English Game Large Fowl Baby Chicks

  • Eggs/Exhibition
  • 160-180 Eggs Annually
  • Flighty and can be aggressive, smart and savvy with predators (go feral if allowed) , but overall mellow
  • Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs
  • APA all other standard breeds 
  • Conservation Status: Watch


Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens are stunningly beautiful birds. We offer a wide variety of colors Any blue variety ordered from us may include chicks with black, blue or splash plumage patterns.

Many people raise the bantam versions of the Old English Game Fowl, but these large, closer to the standard-sized fowl are just more of a good thing. Old English Games are bright and active birds with lots of spunk and spice.

They are tough and strong birds and are cold hardy and heat tolerant. Multiple males will be a problem; it is best to expect that males older than six months old will not be able to be kept together as they will fight mercilessly with one another.

Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens are an old breed, dating back to before the 1st century A.D. They were bred for hardiness and longevity. Gameness, or courage and indomitable spirit, was considered an admirable trait and a part of the breed's overall temperament. This emphasis on gameness is mostly due to the breed's 2000 year history of fighting for sport. Since 1849, when the sport of cockfighting was banned, Old English Games were mainly raised for ornamental reasons. White, Black and Spangled admitted to the APA Standard of Perfection in 1938; Blue Breasted Red, Lemon Blue, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Self Blue admitted 1965; and Crele admitted in 1996.



  • Model: OEGC

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Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens

Old English Game Large Fowl Chickens

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