White Jersey Giant Chickens

White Jersey Giant Chickens
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Day Old White Jersey Giant Baby Chicks

  • Dual purpose
  • 150-200 Eggs annually
  • Friendly , easy going
  • Cockerel 11 lbs, Pullet 8 lbs
  • APA  American
  • Conservation Status: Watch


Cold is not a problem with the Jersey Giants. They are fine with it, and in fact, are noted and admired for being very hardy birds. They do tend to eat a lot but you have to expect that with large birds who want to stay warm.

The Jersey Giant is an American breed that was started by brothers John and Thomas Black in the 19th century. Their goal was to replace the turkey as meat poultry. That's why they bred these birds to be so large. The Jersey Giant takes the award for being the largest purebred chicken breed in the entire world.

The Black brothers began breeding these chickens in New Jersey in the 1880s. The chicks tend to be slow growers, so don't worry that anything is wrong. Eventually, your baby Jersey White Giant chickens are going to outgrow all the other chickens.




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White Jersey Giant Chickens

White Jersey Giant Chickens

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