White Chinese Geese

White Chinese Geese
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Baby White Chinese Goslings

Hatching March to June.

White Chinese Geese are a fairly common breed. They make great watch animals, lay well, are active foragers, and can be good pets if they are tamed and handled often. They are also exceptionally beautiful on the water, with long, graceful necks.

Production: Chinese Geese are a smaller breed, usually weighing between 10 and 12 pounds at full maturity. They are excellent layers, and you can expect anywhere from 45-55 eggs per year.

Temperament: Many people keep White Chinese as pets, and report that they will “talk” with their owners, honking and making noise when talked to. However, if they are not around people much, or handled often, they can be quite aggressive.

History: Many people say that Chinese Geese are “swan-like,” and in fact, the breed is descended from the wild Swan Goose that is native to Asia. With its long neck and graceful stride, the White Chinese Goose is lovely to look at on either land or water.

It is a breed that has been domesticated for hundreds of years and was one of the first breeds to be domesticated. They have many qualities that make them good animals to have around. They are hardy in cold temperatures. They are excellent foragers and are sometimes even used as “weeders” to weed gardens, berry patches, and orchards. They lay lots of eggs, it’s easy to tell males from females. They will let you know if a stranger arrives!

The prominent knob at the top of the bill is more pronounced in males than in females and by 6-8 weeks, the difference is obvious. In addition, males grow to a larger mature weight than females and tend to be noisier.

Colors: White, with orange bills, feet, and legs

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch

Body Type: These birds have a long, slender neck, a narrow bill with a pronounced knob at the top, and they walk with an upright stance.

Mature Weight: males weigh approximately 12 pounds and females about 10  

APA Class: Light Goose

Classification: American  Class: Light Goose

  • Model: WHCG

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White Chinese Geese

White Chinese Geese

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