Tufted Buff Geese

Tufted Buff Geese
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Day Old Tufted Buff Goslings

Hatching March to June.

The Buff Tufted Roman Goose is a substantial goose that is both graceful and friendly. They are vocal in response to strangers but otherwise quiet. It is compatible with companion, decorative, and meat goals. They appreciate having a pond to splash around in. Because it is not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association, it is ineligible for most exhibition awards.

Production: They are medium geese weighing 14 to 18 pounds, larger than Tufted Roman Geese, which are in the light goose class at a maximum of 12 pounds. Ideally, they should have the same type as the white variety: the same size, with a medium-length neck, a fat head, and a short, stout beak. "It should be a small, stocky, rounded plump little goose," said James Konecny, president of the International Waterfowl Breeders Association and experienced waterfowl judge. Good egg production and fertility. They are active and sociable with people and other geese. They retain the ability to fly and their frequent flapping occasionally gets them airborne. The light feather color makes the carcass dress out well.

History: The Buff Tufted Roman goose is the result of crossing the Buff Goose with the Tufted Roman Goose. The birds retain the desirable qualities of Tufted Roman geese combined with the buff color. The process wasn't a one-time cross. It required selective breeding to achieve the Tufted Roman conformation in a buff-colored bird. Ruth Book of Book Farms in Granby, Missouri is credited with their development. 

Colors: Buff plumage is a soft fawn with a rich golden cast without a reddish tint or fading to pale yellow. Back darker than breast and sides, almost white on the abdomen. Tail feathers are buff and white. The feet, legs, and bill are pinkish-red rather than orange. Orange feet, legs, and bills are acceptable but undesirable.

Status: Too new to be recognized by poultry exhibition organizations. Breeders may apply for recognition and hold the required meets to establish the Buff Tufted Roman as a recognized variety.

Body Type: Substantial body with a single lobe. Medium-length neck, broad, deep, and full breast. Toes are straight and well-webbed. The tuft consists of feathers only, not a knob such as is found on China and African geese. Feathers behind the eyes stand up, making a distinctive tuft. Judge Konecny envisions the variety able to achieve Tufted Roman type in five to ten years of careful breeding under the guidance of an experienced breeder.

Average Mature Weight: They are medium-sized geese, weighing 14-18 pounds at maturity.

APA Class: Not yet recognized by the APA.

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Tufted Buff Geese

Tufted Buff Geese

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