Showing Poultry

Showing Poultry
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Showing Poultry:  A Complete Guide to Exhibiting Your Birds is the best guide available for people either new to showing poultry or for people who have been exhibiting for years. This guide book is published by Storey, one of the top farming publishers, and is written by Glenn Drowns, one of today's most successful breeders and showers of heritage poultry. Drowns received the Livestock Conservancy's Breed Conservation Award in 1999 for his work in identifying, breeding and preserving rare turkeys.

Showing Poultry will provide you with everything you need to know to be successful at exhibiting your birds at fairs and expositions. This book covers how to select breeds of poultry for exhibition. Details in how to raise your show birds with the proper diet, health care, and handling are also fully covered so you can rest assured that your birds will be at their best at showtime. Everything from pest prevention to cage training!

Showing Poultry features a useful "countdown" list to showtime to help you plan ahead. And there are dozens of tips and advice on what today's poultry show judges are looking for. This is a concise and no-nonsense book. It is 88 pages in length, and after reading it, you'll be ready to start planning your show flock!

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Showing Poultry

Showing Poultry

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