Sexing All Fowl

Sexing All Fowl
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This book will teach you how to sex chickens and game birds such as partridge, pheasants, grouse, pigeons, parrots, ostriches, and caged birds. The book by Loyl Stromberg is 96 pages long 6" x 9". Softcover. The illustrations show how to sex birds. It was originally written in 1977 and was revised in 2002. To write the book they used 70 articles about sex determination from the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville Maryland. It explains why there are differences between the sexes. In nature, male birds and female birds play different roles in reproduction and incubation. The book also goes through a history of chick sexing. Chick sexing was primarily researched by Japanese scientists. It also goes through and shows the method for chick sexing, with black and white drawings to show you how to sex chicks. It talks about sight sexed baby chicks which can either be sex link chicks by color or chicks bred to have certain feathers grow faster which is called wing sexing. There is also a section on how to cross for wing sexing. It also talks about micro-sexing which is to use a microscope to look at the cell nucleus. It talks about how to determine the sex of ducks, ducklings, swans, and geese. Most ducks can be sexed by voice because females make a lot of noise and male ducks called drakes are much quieter. There is also a section on sexing wild waterfowl and guineas by the vent sexing method. Pheasant chicks can be sexed by their facial skin and this book tells you how. It also shows the color differences, genital differences, and voice differences between male and female Coturnix quail. I have only made it halfway through the book but you can see that this book is extensive!

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Sexing All Fowl

Sexing All Fowl

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