Caponizing Modern Management

Caponizing Modern Management
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Caponizing: Modern Management and Profitable Marketing

Author Loyl Stromberg compiles data and research from the top Universities and experts in the field to help you understand Capons, how to manage them, and profit from them, in his 52-page booklet Caponizing: Modern Management and Profitable Marketing. Caponize means to castrate a rooster.

This book is very organized and detailed. The first several chapters discuss the history of caponizing. Some illustrations show the differences between a Capon and a rooster and charts that represent their weight gains in studies. There was a cultural exchange among the Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians with castration, as each had their methods and tools to make their Capons. Within the history section, the most important history would be that of Howard Beuoy who was the inventor and promoter of the electric caponizing sets. With Beuoy, Capon production flourished and Stromberg discussed statistics based on the popularity of the procedure.

The next few chapters discuss the operation procedure, with details on how to caponize a rooster. There are many methods for restraint and handling as well as surgical procedures. There is information regarding how to prepare a bird for caponization, what is the best age to caponize, and a detailed step-by-step guide on caponizing. Stromberg provides interesting facts about Capons as well as tips and tricks on how to raise them. There are a couple of articles on caponizing quail and pheasants even! Caponizing can be done to any fowl.

There are tips on successful Capon raising, from starting your cockerels, feeding and housing requirements, health needs, growing, and finishing, as well as management. Stromberg has a "do's and don'ts" section on Capon production to help the producer become successful. There are guides to marketing and selling Capons, how to roast them, and sources for equipment and chicks. With good management and quality produce, one can be very successful and profitable with Capons. This guide is perfect for those interested in raising Capons!

52 Pages with black and White Illustrations and photos. Published 1980, revised 1998.

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  • Manufactured by: Strombergs

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Caponizing Modern Management

Caponizing Modern Management

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