Crested Bantams Book

Crested Bantams Book
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This Polish Bantam soft cover 38-page book tells how to control crest lice, crest picking; how to pick color & color breeding for exhibition in all the Polish bantams, Houdan bantams, Crevecoeur bantams, and Sultan bantams.
A Tribute to the White Crested Black Polish Bantam
by Lynn G Brenneman
"Let us look upon the White Crested Black Polish Bantams. They are the birds upon the lawn. They are the big white plumed crests borne on each cock and hen, and the rest of their plumage is a greenish-black of lustrous splendor. Surely so marvelous a fowl can never pass into nothingness; surely it will survive to make glad the hearts of fanciers as long as fowls remain one of our domesticated species. It is not contended that the utility of the Polish bantam is as good as that of production-bred fowls, but eggs are not the only product of chickens. There is another product. It is less tangible but not less necessary to our existence. It is a product that love and dreams and poetry are made of. It is such a product that the Black Polish with the White Chrysanthemum - like crest yields to those who breed it."
"Crested Bantams" - 1977.
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Crested Bantams Book

Crested Bantams Book

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