Garden Delight

Garden Delight
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Garden Delight 2.25 lb Bag

Garden Delight is a fun, healthy, and easy way to give your chickens a treat for being such wonderful backyard companions or beautiful show birds! Made with ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, barley, broccoli, sweet potato, beets, green peas, and sunflower seeds, Garden Delight is a trail mix for chickens, and they love it.

Using treats like Garden Delight is a great way to train your flock as your chickens will learn to recognize the bag and come running when you take it out. It is also a useful way to establish and create positive bonding between you and your chickens.

Garden Delight also contains nutritional pellets that were formulated to provide chickens with extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Although wholesome and healthy, Garden Delight is not meant to be a complete ration for your chickens. Use it as a treat or supplement. It is also a great way to give your birds some extra diversity in their diet.

Chickens can enjoy between .5 and 2 tablespoons (depending on your chicken's size) of Garden Delight per day. Be sure that you also give your flock poultry grit or access to natural small gravel bits.

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Garden Delight

Garden Delight

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