125 Watt Clear Heat Bulb

125 Watt Clear Heat Bulb
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125 Watt Clear Heat Lamp Bulb - 2-Pak

This 125 Watt Clear Heat Lamp Bulb is the cooler of the two Clear Heat Lamp Bulbs we offer. Chicks need their temperature carefully regulated. For their first week, they require a temperature of 95 degrees F. And after that, they need temperatures about 5 degrees less per week. Most people use a brooder with a heat lamp using this 125 Watt or the hotter 250-watt bulb to maintain these temperatures.

You can tell when chicks are too cold when they huddle too close together and pile on top of one another. This piling can lead to suffocation if they pile too compactly or stay piled for too long. When chicks are too hot, they tend to spread out away from the heat source in the brooder and may start to pant. If your brooder is too hot, it can lead to distress and the death of your chicks.

This 125 Watt Clear Heat Lamp Bulb would be perfect for small brooders in warm rooms, where the 250 Watt Bulb would create too much heat, or to use as your chicks grow and don't need such a warm bulb.

This 125 Watt Clear Heat Bulb is an incandescent white light bulb, 120V. It measures 5" in diameter and is 6-1/10" tall. The average life is 5000 hours. This bulb is for indoor use, and you will need a lamp/reflector for it, which is sold separately.

  • Model: B125

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125 Watt Clear Heat Bulb

125 Watt Clear Heat Bulb

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