Spiral Leg Bands Size 9

Spiral Leg Bands Size 9
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Using Leg Bands to keep proper track of your birds is a sign of an organized chicken caretaker and is imperative for those people breeding their poultry. These spiral-style Leg Bands are easy to use and make record-keeping and keeping track of the birds in your flock or breeding program simple and clear. The bright colors aid in the ease of identifying birds with a glance. 

These Size 9 Leg Bands are 9/16 inches in diameter, and although they work fine with other types of poultry, are designed for use with medium-sized hens, such as Leghorns. 

These Leg Bands are made from high-quality plastic and will not crack, break, or fade. The plastic is springy and pliant, making them easy to get onto your birds. They also will stay on due to their full lap-around design.

Leg Band Safety Note: Make a habit of regularly checking the Leg Bands on your birds, making sure that the bands are not getting too tight, which can cut off proper circulation or even allow the band to grow into the leg of the bird. You will probably need to replace Leg Bands with larger sizes as your birds grow.

  • Model: LB09

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Spiral Leg Bands Size 9

Spiral Leg Bands Size 9

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