Chicken Swing

Chicken Swing
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Although it may be hard to believe, chickens love to swing, and this Chicken Swing is designed specifically for giving your chickens the best and safest swinging fun!

The Chicken Swing comes fully assembled with clear and easy instructions for mounting it in your coop. You will need a spot in the coop that will allow for free movement of the swing. The swing should be installed at a height high enough so a chicken can walk underneath while the swing is moving without getting hit by the swing.  

Once it's up, pull up a seat because you will have hours of fun watching your flock frolic on their new playground!

Swing measures 16.25" long and has a textured platform for extra grip. 

This Chicken Swing is not just frivolous - it is a husbandry tool when keeping flocks of chickens in confinement. Depending on where you live, you may have to keep your chickens in a run or coop. And chickens get bored when they are "cooped up," which can lead to pecking and harassing one another. Giving them something to do - something that will break up the day and provide distraction and interest is the cure for boredom-behaviors. 

For flocks that spend the majority of their day freely ranging, this Chicken Swing may not be such a hit, as foraging and wandering are more compelling to most chickens than swinging. But for cooped-up chickens, the Chicken Swing will be a huge hit!

  • Model: CKSW

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Chicken Swing

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