Little Giant Quail Rails

Little Giant Quail Rails
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This is a set of 6 rails for the Little Giant 6300 Automatic Egg Turner specifically designed for holding and turning small eggs like quail eggs. Each rail holds 20 small eggs and the whole set can hold a total of 120 eggs.

If you are incubating more than 12 eggs at a time, we highly recommend using an Egg Turner in your incubator. It really saves time and keeps the incubator at a more even temperature as you don't have to keep opening it and leaving it open as you turn a large amount of eggs.

To substitute these Small Egg Quail Rails in your egg turner, simply snap out the normal-sized, universal rails and snap in these Small Egg Quail Rails. It is not necessary to change all the rails to one size - you can have small egg rails and universal rails both active in your incubator at once.

This product is made of high quality, durable plastic, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Please note that this product only fits in the Little Giant 6300 Automatic Egg Turner.

  • Model: QRAL

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Little Giant Quail Rails

Little Giant Quail Rails

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