Farm Innovators Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner

Farm Innovators Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner
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Farm Innovators  Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner

Farm Innovators  Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turneris truly the state of the art in deluxe table-toptop incubator. This incubator sets the standard for successful and informative incubation with digital tech.

Temperature is controlled by a digital control board, which gently heats a built-in heating element. The control board is highly dependable and is easy to use. Temperature can simply be set and then is self-regulating. The control board can adjust the interior temperature to suit various environments and exterior temperature changes.

Temperature is maintained through a built-in fan that constantly circulates air within the incubator to eliminate harmful hot and cold spots. The main structure of the incubator is made of durable, easy-to-clean styrofoam that insulates and retains warmth. 

This Farm Innovators  Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner also comes equipped with an LCD with an LED light that accurately shows temperature and humidity readings. There is also a built-in digital hydrometer that monitors humidity levels. Moisture channels on the bottom of the incubator help maintain the necessary level of humidity. 

There is also a plastic mesh screen on the bottom that supports eggs safely and securely during the incubation and hatching period. It is dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean and sanitize! 

 A large viewing window located on the top leaves little secret to what's going on inside which makes the hatching process a lot more fun. This tabletop model is perfect for educational purposes. 

Farm Innovators  Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner can hold up to 41 large chicken eggs or 120 bantam or quail eggs. An Automatic Egg Turner is included with this incubator as well. 

6 Quick Things to Remember when Hatching Chicken (as well as many other birds) Eggs:

1) Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.

2) Maintain proper temperature. The temperature should be between 99 and 100.5 degrees F. Your incubator will work better if it is out of the sun and in a spot where the room temperature doesn't fluctuate too much.

3) Humidity is just as important as temperature - humidity should be between 57 - 60%, increasing to 65% for the last three days before the hatch is due.

4) Fresh air - Embryos need fresh air. The fan on this incubator will make sure air is circulated. 

5) Eggs need to be turned. The yolk and embryo inside the shell need to be repositioned and centered away from the shell. You need to plan to turn your eggs two to three times a day manually or use an automatic egg turner to simplify.

6) Cleanliness. Use clean eggs. Always wash your hands both before handling your eggs and after. Always clean and sanitize all your incubation equipment before and after you use it.

And, in true Purely Poultry style. we will help along the way. If you have questions about the hatching process reach out to us and if we don't have the answer, we will certainly hunt it down for you. So, why wait!  Get some eggs in your own 'bator and see what hatches out! Add this deluxe incubator to your farm!

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Farm Innovators Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner

Farm Innovators Pro-Series Digital Incubator with Egg Turner

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