Incubation Kit

Incubation Kit
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Our Incubation Kit includes a Harris Farms Circulated Air Incubator, Harris Farms Automatic Egg Turner, Incubator Thermometer, Egg Flashlight, and one of our favorite classic books on incubation, A Guide to Better Hatching.

The Harris Farms Circulated Air Incubator is a down-to-earth, solid, table-top incubator. It includes viewing windows for educational purposes and for general fun watching the eggs hatch. It comes with an onboard fan for air circulation, a built-in hygrometer for monitoring humidity, and reliable temperature control. The body is constructed of warmth-retaining, easy-to-clean recycled polystyrene foam.

Our Harris Farms Circulated Air Incubator can hold up to 4 dozen chicken eggs. This kit also comes with an Automated Turner to make life easier.

Also included with our Incubation Kit is an Egg Candler for evaluating your eggs and a backup thermometer. 

Although we're including the clear and concise A Guide to Better Hatching in this complete kit, here are 6 Quick Tips on incubation...

1) Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.

2) Maintain proper temperature. The ideal temperature should be between 99 and 100.5 degrees F. Your incubator will work better if it is out of the sun and in a spot where the room temperature doesn't fluctuate too much.

3) Humidity is just as important as temperature - humidity should be between 57 - 60%, increasing to 65% for the last three days before the hatch is due.

4) Fresh air - Embryos need fresh air. The fan on this incubator will make sure air is circulated. 

5) Eggs need to be turned. The yolk and embryo inside the shell need to be repositioned and centered away from the shell. You need to plan to turn your eggs two to three times a day manually or use an automatic egg turner to simplify.

6) Cleanliness. Use clean eggs. Always wash your hands both before handling your eggs and after. Always clean and sanitize all your incubation equipment before and after you use it.

This kit is perfect for the beginner to hatching eggs. Get yourself set up and started on the right foot for successful hatching by ordering this complete package! 

  • Model: INKI
  • Manufactured by: Farm Innovators

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Incubation Kit

Incubation Kit

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