French Toulouse Geese

French Toulouse Geese
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French Toulouse Geese

Baby goslings hatching 

Originating from the French city of Toulouse, the Toulouse Goose is a domesticated goose primarily raised as a farm animal or meat goose. Toulouse is also a recognized show ring breed. They are heavy birds with plumage that is softer and fuller than average farmyard geese. They are not good fliers.  

Our French Toulouse do not have dewlaps.
Production: The average adult size of a Toulouse Goose is between 15 and 20 pounds. They are considered utility birds and are moderate egg-layers with a production of between 25 and 40 eggs a year. Toulouse geese are well suited to pastures, orchards, and gardens but require shelter both at night and during long periods of rainfall.
Temperament: Toulouse Geese are typically docile, slow-moving, and very trusting birds. They do not do well in mixed breed flock and do not like to be rushed or startled. This gentle breed enjoys bathing and playing in the water and will typically remain close to home. 

History: Earliest records indicate that the Toulouse Goose existed as a domesticated breed well before the 1500s, but the Toulouse did not achieve real fame until the 19th century when Lord Derby introduced the breed to the United Kingdom. It was prized for its liver in the French delicacy Pâté de foie gras.  

Color Description: Toulouse Geese come in three color varieties- Grey, White, and Buff. Grey is the original coloring, while White was standardized in 1982 and Buff was standardized in 1997. Toulouse Geese have orange beaks and feet.
Status: The Livestock Conservancy recognizes three types of Toulouse Goose- Production, Standard Dewlap, and Exhibition. The breed is currently on the “watch” list. 

Body Type: Toulouse Geese have thick necks, oval-shaped heads, and large webbed feet.
Mature Weight:  Female Toulouse Geese range in weight from 15-17 pounds, while males weigh between 19-20 pounds. 

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French Toulouse Geese

French Toulouse Geese

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