Buff Toulouse Geese

Buff Toulouse Geese
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Day Old Baby Buff Toulouse Goslings 

Hatching March through June

Like the classic Gray Toulouse Goose, the Buff Toulouse is a very large and heavy set production goose. The Buff Toulouse has a delicate beige-cream coloration with dark and light fawn and white highlights. They also have a dewlap under their bill, which contributes to their chunky appearance. 

Buff Toulouse Geese are raised for a variety of reasons from keeping the garden weeded to orchard management to eggs and meat and even foie gras. 

Production: Buff Toulouse Geese are mainly raised for meat purposes. These are huge birds and can weigh 18-26 pounds when fully mature. You could expect about 20-35 eggs per year. 

Temperament: Although geese, in general, are not known for being sweet and friendly, the Toulouse is one of the more docile breeds of geese available. They do make good mothers, and are usually very successful at hatching and raising their goslings.

History: The Toulouse is a truly old breed, originating in the Toulouse region of France, descended from the ancient Greylag Goose. The Toulouse has gone through many iterations and forms and even now many different strains of Toulouse are raised for different purposes. The Buff Toulouse we are offering here are not exhibition birds, but they are birds that will do well and thrive in a normal farm environment with access to water and pasture. The Buff Toulouse was accepted into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1977.

APA Class: Heavy Goose Class

Color Description: The Buff Toulouse is gently colored in buff tones that attractively alternate from dark to light tones, with the lower body being almost white. Bill and feet and legs are orange. Eyes are a dark hazel color. 

Conservation Status: Watch

Weight: Young Male (Gander) 20 lbs, Young Female (Goose) 16 lbs 

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Buff Toulouse Geese

Buff Toulouse Geese

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