Toulouse Geese

Toulouse Geese
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Day Old Baby Toulouse Goslings

Hatching March to June.

Toulouse Geese are great options for production as well as eggs. They are also excellent at hatching and raising their own goslings. 

Production: The Production-type Toulouse weighs 18-26 pounds at maturity and lays 20-40 eggs per year.

Temperament: Geese, in general, are not known for being “friendly,” but the Toulouse has been domesticated for hundreds of years and is much calmer than many other breeds of geese. Some owners report that they sometimes prefer the company of ducks to that of other, more aggressive breeds of geese.

History: The Toulouse is a very old breed, originating in the region around Toulouse, in Western France, and is descended directly from the Western Greylag. The French Toulouse Goose is a good utility-type bird. It is not an exhibition breed.

Colors: The most common color in all three types is gray, but a buff version of the Exhibition type has been developed as well.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch, meaning that conservation efforts are needed to secure the future of this impressive breed.

Body Type: The Toulouse is a wide bird, with an oval head and heavy body.

Standard Market Weight: Depending on the type, the Toulouse can weigh anywhere between 18-26 pounds. It is often raised for its qualities as a meat bird.

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Heavy Goose Class

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Toulouse Geese

Toulouse Geese

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