Sebastopol Geese

Sebastopol Geese
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Day Old Sebastopol Goslings for sale

Hatching March to May.

Sebastopol's are pretty geese - and, they are easy to confine, make great meat birds, and are not too aggressive. If you are looking for a farmyard goose, carefully consider this breed!

Production: Sebastopols are moderate egg layers. You can expect 25-35 eggs annually. They grow to a good table weight, averaging 12-14 pounds at maturity.

Temperament: Handling your birds, and spending time with them will ensure they are tame and not aggressive.

History: The origin of Sebastopols as a breed is somewhat murky, though most agree they came from somewhere around the Danube River region. They are descendants of the Graylag, which is native to Europe. Some people claim that they are named after the Russian city of Sebastopol.

The most obvious and interesting feature of a Sebastopol Goose is its curly feathers. They almost look like they are wearing fancy dresses. The feathers on the head and upper part of the neck are normal, while the rest of the feathers have flexible shafts and spiral, or curl.

Because their feathers lay loosely, Sebastopol's cannot fly and so are easy to contain. They also do not tolerate the cold as well as other breeds and need adequate housing during cold weather.

To keep a Sebastopol looking good, you need to provide it with plenty of water for washing. They should be kept in mud-free areas as well.

Some breeders have reported fertility problems with their Sebastopol flocks, particularly later in the season. Most do well in the spring and early summer. 

Colors: Sebastopols should be pure white. Some other color variations, such as Buff, do exist, but for show, birds should be white. Juveniles may have a few gray feathers, but by the time they are fully feathered, they should be completely white.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Threatened

Body Type: Sebastopol Geese have long, slightly arched necks and dual lobes on their abdomens.

Average Mature Weight: 12-14 pounds

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Sebastopol Geese

Sebastopol Geese

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