Super African Geese

Super African Geese
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Day Old Super African Goslings

  • General Purpose
  • 30-45 Eggs annually
  • Stately, calm and good natured, good foragers 
  • Gander 22lbs Dame 18lbs
  • APA Heavy Goose 

Super African Geese are massive and magnificent birds, heavy and muscular looking, standing almost 3 feet tall. African Geese are truly sentinels of the farmyard or backyard flock, and they get a lot of attention due to their size and imposing attitude. These birds are not chubby - they have a streamlined and hearty look.

Although referred to as African, these geese originate from Southeast Asia. They are closely related to the Chinese Goose, which has a very similar appearance but is lighter in weight and more graceful looking. Both the Chinese Goose and African Goose are the result of selective breeding originating with the wild Swan Goose. African Geese first appeared in Great Britain in the mid-1800s and were referred to then as "Hong Kong" geese. They made it to North America around the same time and were seriously bred throughout the 20th century, creating strong American lines. The American Poultry Association recognized the African Goose breed in its first Standard in 1874.

Besides the unusual dewlap, Super African Geese also have a feature called a knob, which is an extension of the bill attached to the front of the head, creating an impressive profile. The knob and dewlap can take some years to develop fully. Although this breed is very hardy, this knob can be susceptible to frostbite so they should be provided with a winter shelter.


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Super African Geese

Super African Geese

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