Assorted Fancy Geese

Assorted Fancy Geese
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Day Old Assorted Fancy Goslings

Hatching March to June.

The following breeds may be included: Buff, Brown Chinese, Pilgrim, Roman Tufted, Sebastopol, Super African, Tufted Buff, Tufted Toulouse. The breeds are hatchery choice which means that you cannot choose the breeds which will be included. Orders of 8-15 include at least 3 varieties. Orders of 16+ at least 4 varieties will be included. We do not mark or record the kind sent.

Assorted baby fancy goslings are an excellent choice for the backyard poultry owner who is looking to gain experience with multiple breeds at once. Assorted goslings are also a good choice for poultry owners who want a variety of birds. Assorted goslings will come from a random selection of breeds, and may include any fancy breed. The breed selection depends on several factors such as availability, season, and rarity. In some cases, several goslings in an assortment will include rare breeds such as Sebastopol, Pilgrim, and Super African geese.

Because the fancy breeds included in an assortment are random, traits such as egg production, temperament, and mature weight will vary from gosling to gosling. Due to the unpredictable nature of which goslings will be available at any given time, you cannot request a specific breed. However, while the breeds will be random, rest assured that only the highest-quality goslings are included in this assortment.

While color description, history, rarity, mature weight, and body type cannot be predicted in an assortment, most fancy breeds are similar in production and temperament.

Production: The average fancy breed gosling will produce a moderate number of eggs each year. Some of the rarer fancy breeds are not prolific layers and are generally kept for ornamental purposes, but most of the breeds in a fancy assortment will provide plenty of eggs for the average backyard poultry owner.

Temperament: While geese are rarely thought of as a friendly bird, the majority of fancy breeds are calm and non-aggressive. Most fancy breeds do well in a flock setting and are easy to handle. When handled regularly as goslings and socialized well, some individual geese will even show affection towards their owners.

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Assorted Fancy Geese

Assorted Fancy Geese

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