White Mute Swans

White Mute Swans
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White Mute Swans

All of our swans are pinioned so that they will not fly away from your pond.

Mute Swans are not available to California, Oregon, Maryland, and New York customers due to Fish and Game regulations. We recommend Whooper Swans for these customers as they are very similar.

  • Breeding season March-June 
  • Clutch size 5-9 eggs
  • Incubation period 35 days
  • 20-26 pounds

The Mute Swan is a beautiful bird that exudes elegance and makes any property a show piece. They are known to mate for life and, if they lose their mate it's imperative to replace him or her as soon as possible as Swans are also said to be so attached that they can die of a broken heart if they lose their mate.  

However, these birds are big and aggressive and in many instances destructive in their feeding habits. They have few, if any predators, in North America. Use caution in a mixed flock. 

Mute Swans have white feathers, with an orange bill that has a black knob at the top. There are 2 types of Mute Swans: Royal and Polish. Much like blue or brown eyes on a human, Royal Mutes have black feet and Polish Mutes have flesh-colored feet, but they are both Mute Swans and are stunning!

The original range of the Mute Swan was in Europe and included Great Britain, Northern Europe, and North Central Asia during the breeding season. They would then migrate to North Africa, Northwest India, and Korea for the winter.

Feral populations can now be found in most parts of the world, especially in the United States. The northeastern US has a similar climate to the Mute Swan's native area and offers plentiful freshwater habitats. Open freshwater, such as lakes, slow-moving rivers, and large ponds.

Diet: Basic waterfowl pellet, grains, seeds, greens (grass, lettuce, etc.)






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White Mute Swans

White Mute Swans

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