Wild Muscovy Ducks

Wild Muscovy Ducks
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Wild Muscovy Ducks

A PAIR is a male/female pair of unrelated birds.

  • Breeding season  Aug-May depending on region
  • Clutch size 8-15 eggs
  • Incubation period 30-31 days
  • 3.5-9 pounds depending on gender

Wild Muscovy Ducks are different from Feral Muscovy Ducks. In states such as Florida, domestic Muscovy Ducks have escaped or been released into the wild, where they have quickly become a nuisance and are considered an invasive species. Muscovy Ducks must be kept in a secure enclosure. These birds are not for releasing into the wild. 

Wild Muscovy Ducks are native to Central and South America, ranging from coastal Mexico, south into South America, reaching to Peru in the west and down into Uruguay and northern Argentina in the south and east. They do not migrate., another thing that distinguishes them from most other duck species.  Wild Muscovy Ducks are mostly found around forested fresh water and wetlands with large trees for roosting, nesting, and perching. They spend most of their day up in the trees and come down to forage at dawn and dusk. They are wary birds and tend to live in small family groups.

The Wild Muscovy Duck is lighter in weight and is mostly black with some white markings. Wild Muscovy Ducks have blackish gray bills with some lighter colors and patches. The feet and legs are also black. Unlike domestic Muscovies, Wild Muscovy Ducks lack the dramatic bright red caruncles over the face and head, although they do have smaller caruncles and black-colored skin patches. White Markings along with markings on the bill and caruncles on the face vary from bird to bird, which does make individuals easier to identify. The white patches usually develop after a couple of years of age. 

Housing Requirements: Although the Wild Muscovy Duck is from a tropical climate, they are very hardy birds and adapt well to cooler locations as long as the temperature stays above 8-10 degrees F. They will need access to water and perching locations. Wild Muscovy Ducks are strong fliers and have strong claws for climbing. They will need a roofed enclosure to keep them from escaping. They are easy to keep and manage. 

Diet: Wild Muscovy Ducks are very opportunistic feeders, eating anything they find from vegetable matter to small mammals. They seem to prefer foraging in shallow water especially on flooded vegetation. A quality waterfowl diet would be fine although they would do well with supplemental vegetable matter.


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Wild Muscovy Ducks

Wild Muscovy Ducks

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