Jumbo Bobwhite Quail

Jumbo Bobwhite Quail
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Jumbo Bobwhite Quail are an efficient and easy to raise variety of the native Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus). Jumbo Bobwhites grow fast to twice the size of their native relatives.

Shipping September to March.

These are great birds for raising for release or hunting and sporting as well as for dog training. And these adults birds are also a quick way to start a breeding program of these hardy and profitable birds.

Jumbo Bobwhites are attractive birds, with males being slightly flashier with black and white striping on the face and head. These birds can also be raised specifically for meat and egg production.

Range: The native Bobwhite's range is mostly the southeastern United States.

Habitat: Bobwhite Quail are birds of light brush and field. They enjoy abandoned agricultural fields, open meadows, and croplands. At night, they will move to areas with low scrub and brush for roosting. They are not forest birds.

Status in the Wild: Wild populations of Bobwhites are stable.

Status in Aviculture: Bobwhite Quail in general are simple and easy to care for. Jumbo Bobwhite Quail are highly productive and are becoming increasingly popular birds to raise for sport due to their larger size.

Breeding and Incubation: Jumbo Bobwhite Quail are easy to breed. One male can mate with 5-6 females. Jumbo Bobwhites can breed and hatch chicks up to three times per year, depending on conditions. There may be 12-15 eggs in each clutch. Females will share some of the incubating with the males, and incubation is 23 days.

Lifespan: Jumbo Bobwhite Quail usually live 1-2 years, but under ideal conditions, 3 or more years is possible.

Mature Weight: Adult Jumbo Bobwhite Quail can weigh 12-14 oz.

Housing Requirements: Jumbo Bobwhite Quail are hardy and easy to care for. Avoid wet conditions and overcrowding. They naturalize nicely in fields, meadows, and lightly wooded areas on the edges of agricultural fields.

Diet: Jumbo Bobwhite Quail do well foraging on grasses, seeds, insects, etc. When kept confined, a non-medicated game bird feed would be fine.

Miscellaneous Notes: Jumbo Bobwhite Quail will make a call that sounds like "bob-white" during mating season. It is a lovely sound - heralding in springtime.

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