Grey Peacock Pheasants

Grey Peacock Pheasants
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Grey Peacock Pheasants

  • Exhibition/pleasure
  • 2 Eggs per clutch, will lay several clutches if eggs collected
  • Breeding season March through July
  • Incubation 21 days
  • Can be quite tame with handling, talkative with distinct calls 
  • size  5-6 pounds

Grey peacock pheasants are one of four subspecies of small, ground-dwelling birds that are native to southeast Asia. Also known as the chinquis, this little bird has plumage in various shades of light to dark mottled grey. Males have large, metallic blue-green to purple markings called ocelli on the wings, tail, and mantle. Females have smaller markings and a generally more drab appearance; both sexes have white markings on the face. Grey peacock pheasants are attractive and friendly birds that make a great addition to any aviary.

Grey peacock pheasants are the national bird of Myanmar, and are found in the wild in the Southeastern Asian countries of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and into southeastern China.  Grey peacock pheasants are ground-dwelling birds and are found in tropical areas. They enjoy eating live insects, which make up the bulk of their natural diet and supplement them with fruits and green grasses.

Housing Requirements: Since grey peacock pheasants are tropical birds, they require warm housing (heaters or heat lamps and bedding) during the winter months.


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Grey Peacock Pheasants

Grey Peacock Pheasants

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