Midget White Turkey Poults

Midget White Turkey Poults
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Day Old Midget White Turkey Poults

Hatching April through August

Midget White Turkeys are the smallest of all turkey breeds - at maturity, Toms may reach 20 pounds. Walking about the farmyard, the Midget White Turkeys will not look that much bigger than a Jersey Giant Chicken.

They look like miniature Broad-Breasted Whites, the most popular commercial turkey. 

Production: Midget Whites are a great alternative turkey. They have a great meat-to-bone ratio and efficient feed conversion. They develop nice broad breasts in an overall smaller-sized bird. Meat is flavorful and carcasses are easy to handle and clean. 

Midget Whites are capable of breeding naturally. Hatchability can be as high as 75-80%. They also lay lots of eggs - up to 80 eggs a year. They tend to be good mothers. Don't be tempted to breed your largest Midget Whites. To responsibility preserve this breed, it is best to breed the smaller birds. 

Temperament: Midget Whites behave like their larger turkey counterparts, although they seem in general to be more friendly and curious. Some individuals can be very personable while others may be more aggressive.  Turkeys are protective animals and will alert the farmyard to predators and strangers. Note that due to their small size, these turkeys can fly.

History: Midget White Turkeys are a relatively new breed, developed in the middle of the 20th century. They were developed by Bob Smyth at the University of Massachusetts, the result of a breeding program working toward an efficient, productive turkey for small farms. The breeding program included Royal Palms, Broad-Breasted or commercial white turkeys, and White Hollands. Soon after its development, the Midget White Program was disbanded, and Midget Whites would have been lost if it wasn't for the preservation work of a graduate student of Smyth's, who continued the work on them at the University of Wisconsin. Midget Whites continue to require active conservation. 

APA Class: Not recognized

Color Description: Midget White Turkeys are all white with pinkish-red legs and feet and facial coloration.

Conservation Status: Critical 

Weight: Young Male 13 lbs, Young Female 8 lbs

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