Black Runner Duck Eggs

Black Runner Duck Eggs
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Black Runner Ducks are considered by many to be whimsical additions to the farm or backyard. Runner Ducks stand almost upright - reminding people of penguins. They are efficient on land as well as water, truly great runners. 

Black Runner Ducks are pure black with blackish green/coal bills and feet. Males have a green sheen to their heads when mature. Ducklings are also pure black and stand upright as well. Starting your flock with hatching eggs is a good idea and creates familiarity between the ducklings and humans. Incubation takes 28-30 days. 

Runner Ducks are one of the oldest breeds of ducks, originating in Southeast Asia. They were bred for egg production and for hardiness and the ability to travel long distances. Traditionally, Southeast Asian rice farmers would take their flock of Runner Ducks with them to the rice fields each day. The ducks would busy themselves clearing the paddies of insects and weeds and at the end of the day, they would return home. 

The Runner Duck eggs can be substituted for chicken eggs and are a staple food of Southeast Asia. Indeed, other than the Khaki Campbell, no other type of duck lays more eggs. Runner Ducks lay more eggs than many breeds of chickens.

Runner Ducks are industrious birds. They are always going and going, actively and energetically foraging. They are a bit nervous, but it is mainly nervous energy. They are easily herded and stick close together as a flock. Great for managing insects.

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Black Runner Duck Eggs

Black Runner Duck Eggs

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