Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck Eggs

Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck Eggs
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Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck Hatching Eggs

The Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck is known as one of the most respected and most productive of meat duck breeds. These birds are bred from famous French lines of meat birds designed for feed efficiency and fabulous flavor. With Grimauds, you're getting the best of both culinary traditions - China and France!

Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks would be a great addition to any enterprise. They have a lot of breast meat and mature quickly. They can reach a live weight of 7-8 pounds in 40-50 days. They are also good egg layers. 

Buying hatching eggs is a great and economical way to start a flock of Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks. Incubation takes 28 days. 

Besides being raised for production, Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducks are also great all-around farm and backyard ducks. They enjoy browsing and ranging about for insects and spiders. They can be nervous and may panic if chased, but are overall friendly and social ducks.

They are easy to handle, and it is hard to resist picking them up with their thick pure white feathers and chunky poise. They have bright orange-yellow bills and feet and large, dark eyes. These birds are not good fliers and are quite heavy for their feet. After handling, they should always be placed on the ground and never dropped.

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Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck Eggs

Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Duck Eggs

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