Assorted Duck Eggs

Assorted Duck Eggs
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Can't decide on what breeds of ducks you want? Or maybe you just want ducks but it doesn't matter what color or breed they are. Or maybe you love a surprise...

Our Assorted Duck Hatching Eggs would be perfect for you. It is an economical way to get started with trying out ducks or for someone who doesn't have a specific breed preference. With this package deal, you will be getting whatever we happen to have available - so you may get a variety of breeds or you may get all of one breed. We cannot label the breeds.

You might receive Pekins, Runners, Cayugas, Rouens, Buffs, Khaki Campbells, Blue Swedish, or hybrid layers.  

  • Model: HCDE

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Assorted Duck Eggs

Assorted Duck Eggs

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