Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs

Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs
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Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching Eggs

A great way to start a flock of the world's best egg-laying ducks is by hatching eggs. Khaki Campbells are excellent birds for any farm setting. They lay plentiful numbers of eggs, they are great foragers, they have nice amounts of meat, and they are successful at hatching and caring for their ducklings. Indeed they are the ultimate all-purpose duck. 

Khaki Campbell Ducks are attractive birds - they are similar in structure to Runner Ducks with a little more weight on them. The Khaki color was a part of the original breeding program of Adele Campbell of Gloucestershire, England. At the turn of the twentieth century, Britain was fighting in the Boer War, and British Troops wore the khaki color. The popularity of the Khaki Campbell coincided with patriotic fervor. Male Khaki Campbells have a darker head with light green undertones. Overall these ducks have a beautiful buff-brown coloring that blends well with their environment.

Production-wise, Khaki Campbells have been reported to lay over 340 eggs in a year. It seems the breed tends to inspire egg-laying contests as they usually blow other breeds out of the water! 

Khaki Campbells are active ducks - furtively foraging around the farm.

The current Conservation Status of the Khaki Campbell is Watch. They are an important heritage breed to put effort into preserving and supporting. They were admitted into the APA in 1941. 

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Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs

Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs

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