Blue Swedish Duck Eggs

Blue Swedish Duck Eggs
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Blue Swedish Ducks are quite wonderful additions to the poultry yard and small farm. They are beautiful ducks, covered in blue-gray feathering of various shades and patterns that make them look plush. They have an attractive white bib on the front of their neck and upper chest. Males have dark almost black heads. Bills are greenish-blue in males and a slate gray in females. Their eyes are dark brown and large. Feet and Legs are orange and brown in color. These ducks look visually stunning in a lawn or pasture. 

Blue Swedes are medium-sized ducks, which makes them very adaptable for a lot of different purposes and environments. Blue Swedish Ducks are great examples of a utility or all-purpose duck. 

One can expect a good number of eggs from a flock of Blue Swedish Ducks. They have been known to lay over 150 eggs per year. They are also good meat birds, growing to a nice table weight in about 16 weeks. 

Like most ducks, Blue Swedish Ducks need a bathing water source and do best when able to forage and roam. They are great for insect control. Temperament-wise, Blue Swedes can be nervous and a bit shy. 

A note about the Blue coloring - The bright, rich gray color that we call "Blue" in poultry is very interesting genetically. When you breed two blue ducks, you will get 50% blue offspring. 25% of the offspring will be black, and the other 25% will be spangled or silver, which is a very light gray color. This diversity makes breeding Blue Swedish Ducks so interesting and rewarding - and perhaps challenging as well.

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Blue Swedish Duck Eggs

Blue Swedish Duck Eggs

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