Blue Runner Duck Eggs

Blue Runner Duck Eggs
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Blue Runner Ducks are tall upright ducks and add a certain amount of whimsy to the farm. They resemble penguins with their upright gait and are as efficient on land as they are in the water. 

Blue Runner Ducks are a deep and dense blue-gray color. The blue coloring in birds always seems thicker and softer than other colors. The blue-gray coloring changes in intensity among individuals within the flock. 

Ducklings are in various shades of blue-gray and stand upright as well. Beginning your Runner Duck flock with hatching eggs is a smart idea as it creates familiarity between the humans and the ducklings.

Runner Ducks are an ancient breed of domestic duck. They originated in Southeast Asia and were specifically bred for both egg production and for the ability to travel on foot long distances. Rice farmers would herd their flock of Runner Ducks to the rice fields when they went to work each day. The Runner Ducks would energetically busy themselves eating insects and weeds from the rice paddies. At the end of the day's work, farmers and ducks would head back home. 

The Runner Ducks lay large numbers of eggs. They lay more eggs than many breeds of chickens. Duck eggs are delicious and are becoming more and more in demand. They are a staple food of Southeast Asia. 

Runner Ducks are tireless and industrious birds. They just keep going and going, actively foraging. They seem to be a bit nervous, but they are not shy in general. Their nervous energy allows them to be easily herded, and they stick close together as a flock. 

Beyond egg production, your Blue Runner Ducks will help in managing insects in the garden. They are hardy and easy to care for birds. And a riot to watch as they move about the yard. 

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Blue Runner Duck Eggs

Blue Runner Duck Eggs

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