Fresh Duck Eggs

Fresh Duck Eggs
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We are excited about being able to offer fresh duck eggs to our customers. These duck eggs are for eating not for hatching. They come in orders of 20 eggs, and these are medium-sized duck eggs, which would be the equivalent of a large chicken egg in a recipe.

Fresh Duck Eggs are in high demand by bakers, chefs, foodies, and egg-connoisseurs.

Duck eggs have a similar texture and flavor to chicken eggs when used in most recipes. They are richer though and a bit more flavorful. When hard or soft boiled, the yolks of Duck Eggs tend to be a bit creamier and denser than chicken eggs.

When using Fresh Duck Eggs in baking, you will find that cakes will rise higher and be moister. Duck Eggs are particularly well-suited for gluten-free and dairy-free baking recipes.

Some people who have allergic reactions to chicken eggs claim that they do experience similar reactions when they eat Duck Eggs.

Our duck eggs are less than 30 hours old when shipped. We ship the eggs priority mail. Duck eggs can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks and will freeze for longer. These eggs are washed before they are sent.

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Fresh Duck Eggs

Fresh Duck Eggs

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